25 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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by Chasity Kuttrus

Does it ever seem like your life gets more complicated by the day? With so
many messages, offers and obligations coming our way it’s easy to feel
overwhelmed. But you need to simplify in order to clear the clutter away to
reveal what’s truly important. Here are 25 ways to simplify your life at
work and at home.

1. Remember who is most important to you and make sure they know it,

2. If you start reading a book and you don’t like it….put it down and
start something else. And don’t feel guilty!

3. End relationships that require a lot of work…but with very little return.

4. Reduce (or eliminate) the number of rewards programs you’re enrolled
in. Only keep the ones you know for sure you’ll get a return on.

5. Resign from outside commitments you don’t feel 100% passionate

6. Clean out your closets.

7. Create a master password list.

8. Know when to ask for help.

9. Hire someone to help you clean your house. Or, if that’s not
possible, get yourself on a basic cleaning schedule.

10. Stop drinking pop.

11. Don’t collect catalogs. Do you ever really read them?

12. Find a really great calendar system for work and home….and use it.

13. Mind your own business. Don’t gossip. It’s unproductive, takes up
time and breeds more.

14. Exercise. It helps clear your mind, keeps you healthy and fit into
your clothes better (which helps avoid getting dressed dilemmas!)

15. Keep your hair appointments.

16. Start – and end – meetings and appointments on time. Getting backed
up messes up your whole day.

Don’t dwell on mistakes – move on.

18. Limit your Facebook time.

19. Gas up your car when you still have 1/4 a tank left…not when it’s on “Empty.”

Plan your meals for the week.

Delete emails and documents you don’t need…or can get from someone else if you do need them later.

22. Drink your coffee black.

23. Focus on one thing at a time.

24. Get serious about purging. Throw unimportant “stuff” away.


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