5 Traits of Successful Women

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StarburstWe think a lot about what makes women successful because, well, that’s our job! Each week we introduce you to a women we feel you should know. This week we decided to look at some common themes among these inspiring women.

We were blown away by some of the similarities among these women and what drives them.

Here are 5 common traits that most of our Women of the Week possess:

They know what renews them – and make sure to do that as often as they can. From beach vacations to yoga to taking a bubble bath, activities that help these women “escape” from the pressures of daily life keep them energized, and their stress at bay.

They recognize “Balance” is an ongoing effort – it’s never perfect and it’s important to keep working at it. Work life balance isn’t an achievement; it’s something you constantly have to manage. Some days will be up and some days will be down, but that’s part of the process..

They stay away from negativity and people who complain. An overwhelming amount of our Women of the Week say their pet peeves have to do with negative, judgmental people.

They make time for physical activity. We all know regular exercise has many of benefits but most of our Women of the Week do it regularly, helping reduce stress, increase mental clarity and make them feel their best.

They recognize the importance of kindness and helping others. This is another overwhelming theme among our Women of the Week. They either told us their passion includes helping others, their heroes illustrate kindness or they include the importance of kindness and supporting others in their advice to young women.

We are so honored to know and learn from these incredible women in our community, don’t you agree?

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