Chasity KuttrusWith 20 years of human resources, leadership training and executive coaching, Chasity Kuttrus brings an experienced, yet fresh perspective and powerful vision to the stage.

Chasity frequently speaks to business resource groups, employee resource groups, women’s affinity groups, female high potentials, up and coming leaders and female executives.  If you would like to contact Chasity about her availability to speak to your organization, please visit the contact page here.

Chasity’s Most Popular Topics are:

  • Developing Executive Presence – Powerful women seem to have a certain air about them. But it doesn’t often come naturally. Executives work hard at cultivating this presence and this session reveals the tips, tricks and mindset you need to create this presence of your own.
  • Work-Life Balance – Ah, the bane of every woman’s existence! Drawing from experience working with women across all industries and levels within an organization, this presentation offers best practices and realistic plans for creating a Work-Life balance that works for you.
  • Community Engagement – Volunteering in your community is both fulfilling and beneficial to your career. This session covers how to find the right community work to make your heart sing and to enhance your work experience and connections.
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills – A few tweaks and changes in perspective can make a big difference in your effectiveness as a leader. This session shows you the key behaviors that will help you make this change.
  • Recruiting and Retaining Exceptional Executive Women – A balanced executive team gives companies an edge. This presentation gets to the root of what’s important to the top women in your industry and how to make your business an organization they want to join – and stay with.
  • Women at the Table – Preparing for Serving on Boards – The ratio of women to men on corporate boards is vastly disproportionate. But it takes more than just experience to snag a seat at the table; you need the right type of experience. This presentation gives attendees insight into the experience they need, how to get it and then how to market themselves for a seat on a board.
  • Becoming an Inspirational Leader – Being any type of leader is a tough job and inspiring your team takes a very special type of person. This session covers the different leadership types, the language of inspirational leaders and how to lead by example.

Chasity has been a speaker at events for the following organizations:
• Otterbein
• The Ohio State University
• Business Builders Club
• Revolutionary Leadership – ODJFS
• CIO Ohio
• GroundWork Group
• City of Dublin

If you are interested in having Chasity speak at your next event, please contact us at ckuttrus@exec-elements.com

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