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Chasity  -  May 05, 2011  -  5 Comments

I am addicted to positive thoughts, positive people and positive momentum. Simply said, I am a big fan of optimism. If you follow my blog, my Facebook updates or my comments, you know this to be true! I love inspirational quotes, motivational thoughts and all around positive people. This is what really fills my tank. My closest friends, very positive! When I have struggled at work or had challenges in life, it’s when I have been surrounded by too many negative people. It’s just not a good fit for me. And, if you are not the “cheery” type, I am probably not your cup of tea.

Recently, while visiting an old colleague, I was admiring her wall art. She had quotes around her home that described her personality. I loved it and I quickly went back home to find some appropriate messages for my walls – some inspiration, some positive-ness to surround us! My always-supportive husband rolled his eyes and asked, “isn’t your attitude enough already?” But I went on with my plan!

For Baby Connor’s room, I posted a quote from Winnie the Pooh: “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Perfect!
For our living room: “The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do.” Even more perfect!

When it came to choosing a quote for my daughter, my fabulous 5-year-old, I was suddenly overwhelmed. I felt that everything I wanted her to believe, dream, feel and live, I wanted on her walls.

Where would I start? How many messages could I possibly find? How small could I get the font? I want her to be strong and daring. I want her to believe in herself. I want her to be smart and giving. I want her to always be a lady but also be confident. I want her to be kind, above all else. Somehow, I want these messages on the wall to sink in every single night when she lies in bed. Mostly, I don’t want her to be fearful of anything or anyone.

Suddenly I realized….she can’t read yet! Was this message a reminder for her or for me? I chuckled to myself when I found the perfect one. I think I chose one that transcends time; whether she is 5….or she is 40:


P.S. And, you live in a house full of optimism and love!

5 responses to “For My Daughter…”

  1. TIna Albright says:

    I love your personality and YOU! 🙂

  2. Elaine Burchfield says:

    That is awesome! It is so easy to dwell on the negative and it takes strength to focus on the positive. What a great role model you are for your daughter. I love the quote. Hope you don’t mind I plan on sharing it with my daughters.

  3. Gina says:

    I could not agree more! Surrounding yourself with positive people makes a big difference in your life. But, I have to wonder- when friends stop keeping in touch because you cannot always be positive about things such as infertility, breast cancer, your child being tested for fatal disorders- are those the people I really wanted to surround me? Sometimes true friendship is about giving someone the permission to feel sad and not just pretend they are optimistic. I am grateful for those friends and hope you know you are at the top of that list! Thank you my optimistic friend who allows me to do that! Your thoughts always touch my heart!

  4. Debbie Puckett says:

    Chasity, YOU make my day everyday through your quotes and postitive attitude. You are inspiring, motivating and an exceptional woman. You’re daughter has the best example of what you would want for her life…YOU. Love you and great to know you and have you in my online life. Someday, we will meet face to face…I can’t wait. 🙂

  5. Tammy says:

    I love you for who you are and not for who others think you are.. you are my daughter and i’m so glad your mine….

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