The Best Present…is Being Present

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By Chasity Kuttrus

How can it already be Thanksgiving?  If you’re like me, you feel like the Fourth of July was just yesterday!

But time marches on, doesn’t it? And try as we might, we can’t slow it down. But we can make better use of every moment we have. We can take some measures to be more present in our lives. When we’re present, we enjoy things, moments and people more. We take less for granted and we feel more fulfilled.

Here are some ideas to help you slow down a bit, to live in the “now” and enjoy your life just a bit more this holiday season.

Slow Down
That’s a tough one, especially during this time of the year! But sometimes by slowing down, you get more done. Rushing leads to mistakes, frenzy and frustration. Act more slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

Why do you have to be doing all the time? Just sit. When you have a moment between meetings or appointments, quit checking your email, scanning a magazine or making a quick call. Try just sitting.

Pay Attention
While you’re sitting, quit thinking about what’s going to happen next. Look around you and see what’s happening right now. If you’re so busy thinking about “what’s next” you’ll miss something really important, like the sweet smile on your daughter’s face, the sun bouncing off the clouds, or the very moment when the fragrance of your pumpkin pie starts to fill the house.

Be in a constant state of observation. Sit back and watch things unfold from where you sit. See how people act and interact. You’ll learn a lot about others – and the world – just by watching for a change.

When someone talks to you – put down the phone, look away from the computer or TV or from whatever you’re doing. Listen, really listen, to what they’re saying to you. Ask questions and repeat what they’ve said back to them so they know you’re truly engaged.

The next five weeks are going to be crazy ones. The irony is that the holidays are supposed to be about being together and spending time with loved ones, yet we spend so much time stressed out and frantic. This year, try something different. Be present. Because the only thing your family and friends really want from you….is you.

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