Time Management: What’s Your Motive?

Chasity  -  Oct 19, 2011  -  No Comments

Many successful women, no matter what level they are in the organization, wish they had better time management skills.

The demands of leadership are tough, and getting the most out of every minute requires a discipline that many people lack.

In his blog post, Develop Excellent Time Management Skills, Brian Tracy reminds us that time management, like anything, requires motivation. Seems pretty basic, right? But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find what separates those with great time management skills and those who wish they had them.

Ask your leaders what specific motive they have for getting more out of every minute. The answer may be slightly different for everyone.

Some women want to spend more time with their family. Some women are focused on doing more in the workplace. Some women have hobbies and interests that require more time than they have.

Help your leaders pinpoint why they want more time and then help them keep that in mind as they work on developing the discipline it takes to be truly efficient with the amount of hours we have available to us every day.

Motivation is a powerful tool – use it!

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