Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings

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Rebecca V-SWe believe in women empowering women. Holding true to that belief, we love to connect women with other women we know can learn and grow from each other. However, we also know there are never enough hours in a day, days in a week or weeks in a year to squeeze it all in. That’s why we created Wednesday Words of Wisdom. We’ve asked some of our nearest and dearest friends and clients to share their secrets. Women who have defined success on their own terms, defied expectations and exceeded goals. We hope that you find inspiration here, just like we do!

We are thrilled that Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings has shared her Words of Wisdom with us…

All healthy things live. All living things grow. All growing things change.” – Dr. Lafayette Scales, pastor of Rhema Christian Center

Important signs of personal or organizational health are growth and change. Absent these signs, neither the individual nor the organization can expect to live well or thrive. Often before growth and change can occur, we must be willing to face fears — the fear of the unknown, fear of not meeting one’s own expectations, the fear of potential failure or any other false evidence that appears real. The perceived need for change must be of greater value than the goal to avoid the area of fear.

Routinely, individuals and organizations need to check their vital “signs of life.” What opportunities for needed growth have you pursued? (Pursuit is evidence of commitment.) What measures of growth do you observe? What fear do you need to conquer as you pursue growth? Are your expectations for growth reasonable? What can you learn as a result of seeming failure? What has changed as a result of this growth? Where is the next opportunity or assignment for growth, positive change and possibly even failure?

Fear not and live! Commit to an ongoing cycle of life, growth and change.

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