8 Things a Dad Can Give His Daughter

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8 Things a Dad Can Give His Daughter
by Chasity Kuttrus

It’s Father’s Day and what a great opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful men in our world!

While my role is to elevate, develop and promote women in the workforce, let’s face it ladies – we won’t get ahead without the support of amazing men!

Ernst & Young recently put together a compelling article about how women who have a male “sponsor” significantly increase their likelihood of getting ahead in the work force.

With all the social media, technology and communication outlets that create self-image issues with our young girls, they need all the support we can give them.

My personal belief is that it starts at home. Young girls need a lot of positive support and reinforcement and it begins with Mom and Dad. I want nothing more than our Katie to have an incredibly confident, happy life and this is on my mind all the time!

Today and every day, I’d like to celebrate the guy who taught me some fundamental things that have stayed with me forever. Here’s to my incredible dad! And here’s to all the dads out there including Katie’s dad….my husband, Jack.

Fathers, teach your daughter these 8 things and she will love you forever!

1. She is a part of something bigger…she is Family!
Let her know you will always lover her and love her mother. Having a strong family unit creates the daily confidence she needs. Model the loving marriage you want her to have someday. Have fun!

2. She is Unique….and she is Amazing!
Tell her this regularly. Affirm it. Believe it. Let her know that her natural beauty is all the attractiveness she’ll ever need. Remind her that you love her exactly the way she is. Tell her over and over and over: it’s not okay to be like “someone else.”

3. She is Interesting!
Teach her to be intrigued by other places, people and things. When she is excited about something new, you must show interest and excitement. My dad loves the world and traveling and guess what? So do I! Live life fully!

4. She is Thoughtful…she is Respectful!
Yes, you need to help your daughter be confident and independent, but let her be respectful of others and of those who are not like her. She needs to learn to treat everyone with dignity – the military, teachers, neighbors, her parents! This gift of reinforcement has helped me a great deal in life. Experience everything.

5. She is Beautiful!
Show her examples of beautiful. Being attractive is being authentic. Young women that wear clothes that are revealing are crying out for attention. Teach your daughter that there are boundaries to what is acceptable and what is not.

6. She is Smart…she is Financially Independent!
Let your daughter figure out how to live on her own. What a wonderful sense of self confidence that will give her. This is liberating. My dad taught me early on how to live on a budget. He shared with me that debt is dangerous. He showed me the basics of how to manage my money and ways to save. I still give myself an allowance every week and when it’s gone….it’s gone!

7. She is Content!
Teach her to be content. Don’t let her fall victim to hyper-consumerism. It is a path she won’t like. Recognize “enough.” Give generously. This understanding comes from home. Be giving.

8. She is Your Love….Forever!
Guys come and go but your daddy will always love you. Above all else, show that your love is unconditional. You may not always like your little girls’ behavior, decisions and outcomes, but you will always love her! Make sure above all else, she knows this.

Thanks, Daddy. I know you love me forever!

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