What is Executive Presence?

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9 Elements of Executive PresenceAn effective leader has a certain way about her – a way of speaking, a way of carrying herself, a way of making it clear that she’s capable and in charge.

Executive Presence is a term that’s used to describe this demeanor – to define a certain set of characteristics that dynamic leaders often possess. Some attributes are obvious and some aren’t quite so apparent but weave their way through a leaders’ overall manner.

Thoughtful consideration of your own leadership attributes can help you develop the elements that make up executive presence.

Consider whether or not you demonstrate:

Candor: To exhibit honesty, through the willingness and skill to constructively “tell it like it is. “

Clarity: The ability to communicate in an intuitively clear and compelling way.

Poise: The look of sophistication, conveying a background of confidence, education, and experience.

Openness: The prejudging and being willing to consider another person’s point of view.

Passion: The expression of commitment, motivation, and drive that shows people you really believe in what you do.

Self-confidence: The air of assurance that shows others you have the required strength and resolve needed to accomplish the goals at hand.

The conviction of believing in and meaning what you say.

Thoughtfulness: Thinking through something before responding.

Warmth: Demonstrating that you’re accessible to others and interested in them.

In which areas are you strong? Which areas could use a little work? Practicing these elements in all areas of your life can help you develop a stronger presence and more success as a leader.

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