Woman of the Week – Cary Hanosek

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Each week, we feature a fantastic new woman we think you should know. Some of these women are clients, some are friends, some are women we’ve only just met. But they all have this in common: they are dynamic, interesting people who have agreed to share with us their insights and secrets to success.

Cary Hanosek

My Current Job/Company:
Investment Associate/Merrill Lynch

My Birthday:

My Work:
I build relationships with clients and offer financial advice and guidance for families and for business owners. I am a partner in The Simonton-Hanosek-Mangum Wealth Management Team at Merrill Lynch.

My Passion:
My dad has a saying: “You should spend your time concentrating on your mind, body, and community” and I believe strongly in that mantra. Community includes your family, friends, and your city.

My Family:
Joe (Encouraging Husband), Meredith (Strong-Willed and Independent 7-year-old daughter), Madison (Feisty and Fearless 4-year-old daughter)

My Heroes:
My parents, Meredith and Bob Patton. They have been married 47 years this year and they are still happy and in love. Very impressive! They worked together in business for over 20 years and they taught my brother and me the value of hard work and the importance of family.

My Escape:
Downton Abbey

My Pet Peeve:
Inefficiency and grammatical errors

My Indulgence:
Jeni’s Salty Carmel and Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream

My Roots:
Family and faith focused. I grew up in Springfield, Ohio, with a fantastic group of friends with whom I am very close even today.

My Future:
I am optimistic about the future but I live in the present. I live by the old quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

My Love:
Spending time with family and friends in Charlevoix, Michigan, every summer.

My Movie:
Auntie Mame (1958)

My Quote on Life:
“Life’s a banquet, and most suckers are starving to death.” -Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame

My Accessory:
My University of Virginia watch

My Advice to Young Women:
Be fearless and be a trailblazer. When preparing for a presentation, research your topic and rehearse so you are the smartest person in the room.

How I Balance it All:
I have developed a group of friends in town who are very special to me and help me when I need it. My career would not be possible without the support of my husband and my parents. I am blessed and I am grateful every day.

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