Woman of the Week – Dawn Tyler Lee

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Dawn Tyler Lee

Current Job
Assistant Vice President, The Ohio State University/Executive Director, Partners Achieving Community Transformation


My Work
I am a government and community relations professional. Currently, I lead new community redevelopment initiative of the University called Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT). PACT is a partnership of The Ohio State University, the City of Columbus and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority. The University has committed to invest up to $10 million on the near east side of Columbus and my role is to work with numerous stakeholders to develop a community master plan for the PACT geography. The plan will help inform how those resources will be invested and what additional resources will be needed for the successful implementation of the plan.

My Passion
Serving others and the leadership development of young women.

My Family
My husband, Robert, of 8 years and my doggie, Bert, who we adopted 8 years ago. We think is 9 or 10. He is the first pet I’ve ever had and I love him so much! (By the way, Robert is the first husband I’ve ever had and I love him too. ☺ )

My Heroes
So many…my mom, Joyce Craddock and my grandmothers, Anna Williams and Pearl Collins, who provided the best life they could for my parents. I also honor all of the people who have taken the time to help shape me into the person I am today. This includes mentors, peer mentors, family and friends and even women whom I’ve never even met, but helped blaze a trail to make my journey a bit easier. They are my heroes as well.

My Escape
Weekly happy hour with my “friend group,” monthly massages, and an annual trip to the beach. All of these things make me happy.

My Pet Peeve
So many…how to pick just one!
• Mornings
• The jingle from that damn “truvia” commercial
• Arrogance
• Inappropriate workplace attire

My Indulgence
Pear martinis with a sugar rim.

My Roots
Faith, family, community

My Future
Prayerfully, having a happy, healthy children sometime soon and being blessed with the opportunity to stay home with them for their early years.

My Love(s)
• Robert and Bert
• Fall
• Connecting people
• Cookies and cream ice cream, pasta, seafood
• Pear martinis with a sugar rim ☺

My Movie
So many…Shawshank Redemption, Selena, The Notebook

My Quote on Life
“To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required.” -Luke 12:48

My Accessory

My Advice to Young Women
• Breathe. You don’t have to have it all figured out.
• Meet new people.
• Move out of your comfort zone.
• Observe the leadership styles of other people, identify what you like about them and adapt it to your style.
• Listen to your gut, it’s usually right.
• Participate in at least one ongoing community service activity.

How I Balance it All…

• Weekly happy hour with my “friend group,” monthly massages, and an annual trip to the beach. ☺
• A great partner and circle of friends and mentors I can count on for encouragement, support, advice and good counsel
• Sleeping in on Saturday mornings, whenever possible
• I try not to :
o schedule anything on Sundays except church and family
o schedule after work events/activities more than 2 nights a week
o take work home

3 responses to “Woman of the Week – Dawn Tyler Lee”

  1. Tei Street says:

    Wonderful choice!! Dawn Tyler Lee (DTL) is truly one of the most “amazing” leaders in this community. She is far too humble and modest to truly tell your readership how dyanmic she really is.

    So many people look to Dawn as the example of professionalism, integrity, work-ethic, communkty advocate and support system. I know I join many people who count it a blessing to know her and to have her in our lives.

    Tei Street

  2. Oyango A. Snell, Esq. says:

    It’s truly a blessing when people recognize you for your greatness while you are able to receive the gifts. Dawn Tyler Lee is humility, grace, and love.

    I am more than honored to have known this dynamic, fearless woman for so many years. She is looked up to by young people, her peers, and those that have laid the foundation for us all. The great thing about Dawn is that I know her work has just begun.

    -Oyango A. Snell, Esq.

  3. Leta Gibbs says:

    ::tear:: I just luv my bestie!!! She is so deserving of this title and I am soooo happy for her. I keep telling her she needs to run for something to get me to move back to Columbus…j/k….well….maybe NOT!! But I would support her candidacy no matter where I’m at; not to mention she would run circles around ANYBODY…yeah I said it!! lol Seriously, I’m very proud of my Stanky and can’t wait for her to experience the joy of motherhood. She’s going to be GRREAT and Bert is a testament to her unconditional, loving and giving spirit. xoxox;)

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