Woman of the Week – Lisa Kozak

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My Name:  Lisa Kozak

My Current Job/Company: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited – Global Recruiting Manager

My Birthday: 9/20/69

My Work:  Managing a recruiting team to hire technology professionals to support the technology and infrastructure of the Deloitte member firms

My Passion:  Cooking – I am no Iron Chef, but I really enjoy the relaxation that comes with cooking;  watching my kids compete in their various sporting events

My Family: Mike, husband of nearly 15 years, daughters Avery (10) and Cameron (7) and our dog Tucker (3) Brittney Spaniel

My Hero: My mother-in-law – Since her husband’s, my father-in-law’s, aneurysm nearly 12 years ago, she has been his sole care giver. He is partially paralyzed, cannot walk or do much for himself, so he relies on her for everything from eating to getting into bed.  She does everything she can for him and has the hope that one day he will walk again…maybe not in this life, but she knows he will walk again. Her undying devotion to help him see another day is truly amazing!

My Escape: House in Michigan; great place to relax and forget about the work week

My Pet Peeves: People who don’t play by the rules, in life and otherwise

My Indulgence:  Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes in Chicago; thankfully it’s only an occasional indulgence

My Roots:  Born in Indiana, grew up in Ohio, moved to Illinois, specifically Chicago, other than a short stint in San Francisco, I have been in Chicago since 1995

My Future: Ever evolving – I hope to do something on my own one day – just don’t know yet what that is…

My Love(s): My husband, my children, my sisters and their families, doing triathlons, cooking, drinking wine & champagne and our Michigan lake house

My Movie: Shawshank Redemption – life is about second chances

My Quote on Life:  Hope is not a strategy

My Accessory: Handbags for sure

My Advice to Young Women:  Life is not a sprint, but a marathon; take your time and do things at your own pace, you are the one writing the rules, not the people before you…

How I Balance it All:  I take time for myself by training and working out regularly; once I have released my stress, my focus is so much sharper and my mind much more open.

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