Woman of the Week – Michelle Devine Reese

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My Name:
Michelle Devine Reese

My Current Job/Company:
In transition… and loving it!

My Birthdate:

My Work:
I help organizations to be more successful. My favorite aspect of this is working with leaders and their teams to structure them for success and bring out the strengths of the team. My overall goal is to improve individual well-being on the job which leads to organizational well-being (including financial!).

My Passion:
Gratitude for life and those who share their lives with me, in service of lifting the lives of those who struggle (including a special place in my heart for those with Cancer or Alzheimer’s).

My Family:
Jim (Husband), Jack (12), Nickolas (9), Morgan (7), Natalie (5)

My Heroes:
My mom – she built my confidence at EVERY opportunity and exemplified hard work, good fun, and caring for others. My husband. Anyone who gives of themselves for the less fortunate. People living with and overcoming difficulties.

My Escape:
The ocean with a beach to walk on. When I can’t get there… a funny TV show or movie.

My Pet Peeve:
Poor customer service. Small mindedness. Discrimination. (Not in that order!)

My Indulgence:
Sweets, particularly dark chocolate. Special trips with girlfriends every few years (big ones, like Paris and the Grand Canyon!)

My Roots:
City girl (New York City). Full-time working Mom. Inter-generational household (lived with my Grandfather). Irish-descent. Friends were our extended family. Amazing, lifelong friends from my all-girls, Catholic high school.

My Future:
Who knows, but I’m grateful for every day and open to life’s possibilities.

My Love:
Jim, the love of my life. Remembering the days my children were born and every time they laugh, make music on pots and pans, say or write “I love you” or do something nice for each other.

My Movie:
Working Girl. Shows what hard work, listening more than talking, luck and timing, and a little moxie can do!

My Quote on Life:
I believe in “… the fierce urgency of now…Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

My Accessory:
Glass rings from Italy. Leg Warmers – oh wait, that was my accessory in the 80’s!

My Advice to Young Women:
Figure out what makes you uniquely you and never change those things for a job, a partner, anyone. Respect everyone. Listen to their stories. People usually have a good reason for what they do (except for poor customer service, of course!).

How I Balance it All:
First, I am blessed with an amazing spouse. He takes care of many things of which I am not particularly fond (like cooking and paying bills). I have changed my view of “perfect” – no longer a perfectly clean, organized house, for example, but rather, a family who loves each other and extends themselves to others. Lastly, I don’t expect balance on a daily basis in terms of time spent in one part of my life versus another, but rather look at a longer horizon (months or years) and how I feel about each part – am I my best self in each role? More time doesn’t get that in order. Focus, prioritization, reflection and prayer do that for me.

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