Woman of the Week – Naila Chauncey Hughes

Chasity  -  Jun 13, 2011  -  9 Comments

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naila chauncey hughes
Naila (pronounced ny-EE-lah) Chauncey Hughes

My Current Job/Company:
My company is called Spirit Syrup. It’s a woman-centered life coaching company that offers one-on-one sessions, workshops and restorative retreats.

My Birthdate:
July 29th.

My Work:
My work inspires me. Every day I get to meet and support women seeking a life aligned with the bigness of the dreams and talents. It lifts me.

My Passion:
Freedom from “shoulds.” Laughter. A cute pair of heels. Passport required travel. Road trips. Moments when my husband feels more like my boyfriend.

My Family:
Given: My mum (Carole), sister (Michele), my aunts, uncles and cousins.

Chosen: My husband (Kennon), Lu (bestie), Robin (too big for words), Tootsie and Pretty (step-cats)

My Heroes:
Mum, my grandmother Iris, my sister and Oprah.

My Escape:
Nature. Books. Laughter.

My Pet Peeve:
Late breaking news reports that interrupt my favorite TV shows.

My Indulgence:
Apple pie with ice cream. Crème brûlée.

My Roots:
Love, determination and the guidance of family. Toronto. Guyana. Virginia. Anansi. Classic House and Calypso music.

My Future:
My future will be the kind of thing postcards are made of. It will be a collection of pictures of people and places from all over the world and the Spirit Syrup workshops done there. I hope there will be letters from attendees that say “Thank you. Your workshop changed my life.”

My Loves:
Me. Kennon. Family. Babies. Fun.

My Movies:
The Matrix. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

My Quote on Life:
“You cannot pretend to be less than you are.” Oprah.

My Accessories:
Bangles and bracelets.

My Advice to Young Women:
Give yourself permission to celebrate the bright light that you are. Do not dim your light for anyone.

How I Balance it All:
This is a work in progress. I listen to my body and my heart.

9 responses to “Woman of the Week – Naila Chauncey Hughes”

  1. Julia Lyons says:


  2. Elizabeth Marengo says:

    Your friendship is a blessing to me. You are everything this article says and more. I look forward to watching you on your journey. The magic has just begun!

    With Love,

  3. debi says:


  4. Michelle Reese says:

    Inspirational – I look forward to a Spirit Syrup workshop coming to a country near me 🙂

  5. Melissa Pierre-Louis says:


    You are a woman of distinction, style, and grace. You possess a spice for life that is contagious. Thank you for sharing the wonderful gifts that are inside of you with the rest of the world. Please know that I will always be rooting for you. YOU are destined for greatness. Iris would be proud.

  6. Michele Morin says:

    Nai your light and love draws me in and cleanses my soul. So grateful to have such radiance and beauty and AUTHENTICITY in my circle of friends.

  7. Jonelle says:

    Wow. You and I are more alike than I ever imagined. I am happy to have stopped by here and read this today because it reaffirmed what I knew to be true.
    Thank you
    Cousin Jonelle

  8. Cathy Henderson says:


    I am happy to see you dive in and dare to live an authentic life. Go ahead, align your spirit with the soul of the world!

    Love and light,

  9. Chauncey says:

    Love your brightness sis!


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