Woman of the Week – Mindi Wells

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Here at Executive Elements, we like to feature fantastic women we think you should know. Some of these women are clients, some are friends, some are women we’ve only just met. But they all have this in common: they are dynamic, interesting women who have agreed to share with us their insights and secrets to success.

My Name:
Mindi Wells

My Current Job/Company:
Business Advisor & Attorney/ Wells Law – Columbus & Lima
Adjunct teacher of employment law at Capital and Ohio Dominican

My Work:
I solve problems for small businesses. It is my job to help them navigate business and legal issues so they can focus on what they’re passionate about and good at doing. My clients appreciate my practical, no-nonsense business approach to advising, counseling and training them on workplace legal issues – delivered with a bit of humor.

I take my work seriously, but try not to take myself too seriously.

My Passion:
To build a life that I don’t need a vacation from and can be summed up as well-lived. There are so many places to see, people to meet and things to do! Faith and family are extremely important and impactful in my life.

My Family:
One canine companion – Cammy, a 2 1/2 year old miniature Australian labradoodle who has more attitude packed into her 25-pound being than many people I know! My immediate family resides in Allen County where we welcomed over 50 foster children and a dozen international exchange students.

My Hero or Heroes:
Queen Esther from the Bible. She was an ordinary woman who exhibited leadership under the most difficult of circumstances and her example of commitment, priorities and faith inspired me in the 5th grade and still inspire me today.

My Escape:
Cruising with the top down on the Jeep Wrangler with Kenny Chesney blasting from the soundbar – it doesn’t get any better than that!

My Pet Peeve:
Cracking knuckles. Socks with sandals.

My Indulgence:
Cheese – in pretty much any form.

My Roots:
First generation college graduate raised with a passion for working hard, seeing the world, and volunteering.

Born and raised on a farm in northwest Ohio, closest town had a population of 300. My parents still live in the house they built themselves and where we were raised. Childhood filled with 4-H, summer softball, Bible school, camping at Indian Lake, and family vacations all over the U.S. in the Coachmen camper (think Chevy Chase-style family vacations!).

My Future:
Stay tuned. Kind of like a choose your own adventure. Never know what the next chapter of “Mindi’s Excellent Adventure” will hold!

My Favorite Quote:
“Money is money; time is wealth.”
~Stephen Swid, businessman and investor

My Accessory:
Lipstick. A watch. And cute shoes.

My advice to Young Women:
Some of the most difficult times will someday be looked back upon as a blessing in your life; they show you who you are and what you are truly capable of doing and being. Be persistent, have faith and surround yourself with people who have your back – but above all – DO NOT GIVE UP.

How I Balance it All:
I always have a list going and my calendar on my desk. It took me years to figure out the key to balance was learning how to say no and not feel guilty about it.

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