Women of the Week – Finding inspiration!

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StarburstOur Women of the Week never cease to amaze us! We love taking a cue from them and finding inspiration all around.

Elizabeth Stelzer
My grandfather always said “nothing is more precious than a good family.” That right there sums up my roots.

Jolie Havens
Personally – my sons – they are the sunshine in my life and frequently give me much-needed perspective on life. Professionally – my clients – I get to work with some incredible individuals and providers that put so much good into the world.

Stephanie Hanna
Real heroes are all around us – those working hard to do things many of us take for granted, those respecting others, not judging, taking the time to get to know people, showing empathy and concern. These are my heroes.

Kristy Carlson
My daughter – She is fearless, fun, and inquisitive. My Grandma Reese – She taught me to meet people where they are without judgment.

Jenny Dingle
My mother is my hero. She was not only my mother, but my best friend. She passed away when I was 30 after a 5 year battle with pancreatic cancer. She had an amazing gift to put others first – making all of our hearts bigger, our smiles wider and our lives better. She taught me the power of kindness, the important balance of hard work and having fun (especially with good girlfriends), that family was everything and to never give up. She taught me determination and inspired me in both words and actions. She taught me not only to live, but how to graciously die. She was simply the best.

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