Women of the Week – How they find Balance

Caroline  -  Dec 14, 2015  -  No Comments

StarburstIt is often challenging to achieve a work life balance at any given point in the year. However, it can be even more challenging when you add the festivities of the holiday season into the equation. Read below for a few pointers from our Women of the Week!

Wendy Larzelere
I give myself the luxury of time to think and plan, and have learned the art of saying “no” when things start to feel over extended.

Barb Smoot
I don’t—I save this concept for the tightrope walkers. I’m not choosing to live my life on a tight rope. I’ve got both feet on the ground so there is a lot of room for error.

Jess Sparks
A deep and profound love of organization and technology. Work smarter not harder so that you can accomplish the really important stuff!

Janet Hawk
Balancing priorities and responsibilities is always challenging. I make lists and celebrate the little victories. The lists help me prioritize and ensure that nothing key is forgotten. And, along the way, I try to remember to have fun.

Jocelyn Sperko
Balancing everything implies that one part of my life must give for another to take. So I think of it more as “finding balance” or making sure all parts of my life work together in harmony. I make time for the things that are important to me and I have learned to say “no” to the things that aren’t. I don’t hesitate to put a workout or lunch with a friend on the office calendar – it means I’m not available for an hour or two – but the needed escape ensures I can give 110% when I am back at the office.

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