Women of the Week – Keeping it all in Perspective

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StarburstKeeping life in perspective can be a challenge. Our Women of the Week have a few suggestions on balancing the the many demands knocking at your door…

Colleen Gilger
I’ve learned (reluctantly) to let go of the working-mom guilt, and to gently say “no” sometimes to all the requests! I have a color-coded world: work, school, soccer, church, book club, date night, etc. The iPhone App “Cozi Calendar” synchs our to-do lists and calendars on our computer, phones and the kids’ iTouches. We always know where everyone is and where we need to be. Multi-tasking is my enemy: I remind myself to focus on one thing or person at a time and ALWAYS BE PRESENT!

Dori Goulet Repuyan
That changes every day but I really think the key to life is balance and moderation in everything you do. Always make time for yourself and don’t ever feel guilty doing so. Ask for help if you feel overwhelmed and keep it all in perspective!
Stay organized, align and realign priorities, set personal and professional goals. Offer help when you can and receive help when you need it. Most importantly, take time to reflect on your life and your work, and give yourself a pat on the back!

Carrie Jester
I don’t! I make sure to get done the “must do” every day and then prioritize the “nice to haves” and get done what I can! Sometimes everything is marked off the list and sometimes I barely make a dent. The key for me is to adjust and move on….no regrets.

Angela Coppler
Balance is a state of mind. It’s not about the hours I spend at work or home. It’s about the quality of life I have when I am with my family, and my engagement and productivity when I am working. It also means that the two may have to co-exist at times.

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