Women of the Week – Monday Morning Inspiration!

Julie  -  Mar 27, 2017  -  No Comments

Looking for inspiration for the week? Our Women of the Week find it in people who have walked into their lives in all different times and places. Here are just a few examples…

Kimberly Hall
My grandmother – Ruth Lowe. She was an incredible woman in her own right and a loving and supportive mother to me.

Tracey Williams
Maggie Watkins, my mentor before I knew what that meant. She is a priceless gift I cherish each time I am able to spend time with her. I strive to be a fraction of what she is for me and hope I can be for others.

Cinthia Chaves
My parents. Dad for his integrity. He is unconditional and loving but always pushing me to be better. Mom for her great example. A woman that handled a demanding husband, seven kids, and full time job…and I cannot remember a time where she was not there for me!

Katy Trombitas
My friend Tally, who has been an incredible mentor to me. She has taught me so much about how to keep life in perspective and what it means to be a compassionate and effective leader without compromising who I am and what I believe in.

Jolie Havens
My mother, Patricia Havens. She raised me (an only child) as a single parent – she made brave and selfless choices in order to give me the best possible life. She is also an incredible grandmother – always there when I need her, no matter what.

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