Women of the Week – How they balance it all

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Summertime has arrived! Although we welcome the sunshine and warm temperatures, sometimes it is a challenge to keep up with changing schedules and demands. Balance can be tricky, but it can be done on your terms! Our Women of the Week provide great insight on this subject…

Julie Talbot-Hubbard
Prioritize, prioritize and reprioritize hourly, daily, weekly. And with a lot of support from my husband and other great people.

Anne Marie La Bue
I make lots of lists (mostly on OneNote now but also scribbled post-it notes), shuffle priorities on the fly, and have learned to reach out for help when I need it. I also de-stress by working out (preferably with friends) and walking my dogs.

Elizabeth Stelzer
I’m an organizer and a thinker. Plan, plan and plan some more. Always have a plan. And as a mom – carpools. Always join in on carpools!

Cheri Reynolds
Prioritize, keep a “To Do” list and remembering it’s A-OK to say no at times.

Larissa Blevens
I use one calendar to organize work and home life. Every Friday I review the upcoming week to prepare both mentally and organizationally. In December, I put everything on the calendar for the following year, from kids school events, to vacations, to repeating team meetings. And when I start to feel off balance, I head outside for a jog, or to work in the garden.

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