Executive Women’s Coaching

From coaching women executives to helping businesses diversify their boards, Executive Elements is committed to fostering women leadership in Columbus, Ohio. We provide individual and group coaching, seminars, conferences, and retreats for women executives.

If you are a women executive looking to boost your leadership skills, developing an executive presence, or balance your career with other responsibilities, Executive Elements can help you define and achieve your goals.

Services For Businesses – Group Retreats & Seminars

Not only can we help individual women succeed, we can also help your business develop a customized leadership seminar or retreat for your women executives. From crash-course presentations to in-depth weekend retreats, we can develop a program tailored for your women executives.

Executive Elements is focused on helping businesses create the right environment to attract and retain female leaders. Research shows that companies that foster and support their top female executives have better business results, lower turnover and higher employee engagement.

We work with businesses to encourage the growth of women leaders and develop a more balanced, diverse and effective leadership team. We believe female leader development is a critical aspect of a company’s success and should be aligned closely with a company’s business goals.

  • Women’s Executive Coaching

    Through years of coaching female leaders, we know the distinct challenges women face in the top tiers of business. Our one-on-one coaching helps these executives:

    • Be authentic and maximize their strengths
    • Think strategically and manage tactically
    • Define career accelerators and career obstacles
    • Develop leadership presence
    • Build and nurture relationships

    Learn more about our coaching here.

  • AcceleratingLeaders Program

    Are you an executive looking for a new, more enriching way to spark your career development?

    Our AcceleratingLeaders Program may be just the thing for you. This is a custom approach to executive leadership development executed through high impact retreats, peer group engagement and private one-on-one coaching. Our mission is to guide you in discovering who you are and inspire you to reach your full potential while aligning your role to reach maximum performance in your organization.

    This year-long program includes two executive retreats with a small group of peers from around the country; one-on-one coaching throughout the year; and ongoing access to tools, assessments and plans to help you achieve your professional goals.

To learn more about a customized program for your leadership team- CONTACT US TODAY

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