Non-Profit Spotlight – Ginger Young | The Childhood League

Julie  -  Feb 07, 2018  -  No Comments

We are excited to take the month of February to highlight women making an impact in our community through the work they do in non-profit organizations. We asked these women to share one thing…why they are passionate about their work. We are inspired by their responses, and we know you will be, too! Today are thrilled to highlight our friend Ginger Young who is dedicated to making a difference through the amazing work she does at The Childhood League!

For as long as I can remember, I have identified with and felt a strong desire to work with those who are marginalized in our community. Whether it was working in mental health for over 15 years or volunteering for the Deaf Olympics, the drive to make an impact has been motivating in my life. This passion is what brought me to The Childhood League Center. Seventy-three years ago a group of forward thinking, innovative women started The Childhood League Center with the core belief that very young children, with the most challenging starts, deserve the best our community can offer. I love the work that I do, I love the difference I am able to make, and I love being surrounded by passionate, talented, and dedicated people. I say this often and I will say it again…I have the best job in the world!

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