Shelley Bird on Catfights and Cliches

Julie  -  Oct 31, 2014  -  No Comments

Bird_HeadshotIn her recent Huffington Post article, Catfights and Cliches, Cardinal Health executive VP, Shelley Bird, explores a critical issue among women leaders and how society views their success.

It’s hard to get to the top, no matter what your gender and what your profession. You have to work hard and yes, step on a few toes. There’s usually rivalry and often some unpleasantness.

Yet, when it comes to women leaders, society focuses on this rivalry, the stepped upon toes and the ugliness. Instead of focusing on the incredible talent and perseverance of these highly successful women, we want to focus on the petty stuff.

But when we’re talking about a man? It’s a totally different story. Men are driven, ambitious, resourceful and savvy. Rivalry between men? Bor-ing.

Read Shelley’s insightful commentary here. Have you ever witnessed this phenomenon?

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