Woman of the Week – Angel Harris

Chasity  -  May 31, 2011  -  1 Comments

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Angel Harris

My Current Job/Company:
Senior Assistant Vice President, Development – United Way of Central Ohio

My Birth Date:

My Work:
I lead a great team that works with public and private organizations to help them reach their philanthropic goals while generating over $40 million a year for community investment.

My Passion:
My spiritual walk, family and my career

My Family:
Christopher (Husband), Daughters (Alexis – 15 & Angelina – 2), Step sons (Kellen – 18, Esteban – 14, Ruel – 12 & Elon – 10). We are expecting a son on July 4th, 2011

My Heroes:
My mother and older sister. My mother taught me to be dedicated, introspective and benevolent. Drema taught me incredible life lessons from my ABC’s to being a conqueror that never settles.

My Escape:
“Girl’s Day Out” for shopping and dining that includes a mani/pedi!

My Pet Peeve:
People who litter.

My Indulgence:
Cheesecake….any kind of cheesecake!

My Roots:
Hardworking. Humble. Encouraging. Supportive of one another. Fun loving.

My Future:
Blessed and successful, yet probably not the way it is laid out in my 20 year plan!

My Love:
Date night with my husband, being with my children, laughing with my parents and siblings about family memories and antics until my eyes water.

My Movie:
The Mirror Has Two Faces. I have sat with my mother and several cups of coffee watching this movie for an entire afternoon.

My Quote on Life:
“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.

My Accessories:
Shoes and earrings.

My Advice to Young Women:
Have a plan for your personal and professional life so that you can visualize the success you want to achieve. Know what works and what doesn’t in the space you are in and pay close attention to the things going on around you. Don’t compromise what you believe but, be open to coaching in areas that will make you a stronger, better leader. Select a handful of women whose advice you can trust to be in your inner circle. And it doesn’t hurt to add a man or two to your group of mentors to give you balanced advice.

How I Balance it All:
I have an incredibly supportive family structure. They have been there for me every step of the way encouraging me to be the best at whatever I do. And my husband is the greatest. He fills in all the places that I am missing and is so great with the kids. If he didn’t do what he does, I couldn’t do what I do!

One response to “Woman of the Week – Angel Harris”

  1. Michelle Reese says:

    Angel –

    Congratulations on this acknowledgement of your hard work and success. I loved reading your profile as it demonstrates the breadth and balance of a working mother. Your spirituality is clearly your anchor (as is a great husband – I have one of those too!).

    Thanks for sharing what an open mind and a grounded heart can do when you put to work your God-given abilities!

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