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Chasity  -  Jul 11, 2011  -  9 Comments

Each week, we feature a new woman from our growing community of dynamic professionals. If you know someone who should be featured, contact us!

Katina Fullen

My Current Job/Company:
Executive Director, I Know I Can

My Birthdate:
10.03.72 (A true Libra!)

My Work:
I help make college dreams a reality for Columbus City Schools students and their families. I believe every child deserves access to quality education and to the information, resources and preparation to make the choice to go to college.

My Passions:
My family. My Italian heritage. The families of Columbus City Schools.

My Family:
Craig (husband) Dominic (son, 6 years) Aurora (daughter, 3 years)

My Heroes:
My grandmother, Clara D’Aurora Trimmer. My daughter, Aurora – despite health obstacles facing her, she remains courageous and resilient.

My Escape:
My iPod and a six-mile running trail. My Kindle and Jamesport, Long Island.

My Pet Peeve:
Selfishness. Complaints with no solutions.

My Indulgence:
Good sales. Sicilian (square) Pizza.

My Roots:
A large, close-knit family who taught me the importance of giving back. Blue-collar. Down-to-earth.

My Future:

My Love:
My kids. Listening to my son read me a bedtime story! Watching my daughter do anything – she approaches everyday life with such joy and determination.

My Movie:
Dave. It’s a great illustration of how simple things can be, but how complicated we can make them.

My Quote on Life:
From the Book of James 3:19 “Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters! Let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.”

My Accessory:
Pearls. Bought my first strand in 6th grade at Claire’s Boutique with my babysitting money!

My Advice to Young Women:
Surround yourself with positive people. Find one or two mentors. Once you do, ask lots of questions and be a good listener.

How I Balance it All:
I don’t! I struggle everyday because I LOVE my family and I LOVE my work! But I ask for help…a lot…from my husband and family. I try to be fully present when I am home and save the work until the kids are in bed. This Thursday, our family is celebrating Son’s Day (just like Mother’s or Father’s Day) and next Thursday will be Daughter’s Day. It was my son’s idea to create a day all about the kids. We are doing all of their favorite activities including a pancake breakfast in bed, a trip to the swimming pool and a nightcap at Whit’s Frozen Custard! Don’t tell Hallmark! 🙂

9 responses to “Woman of the Week – Katina Fullen”

  1. Tei Street says:

    I so love reading these profiles each week!

    As a member of the Board of IKIC, I can attest to the fact that Katina is by far one of the hardest working women in the non-profit sector! She has an intense work ethic that has taken our organization to a whole new level in serving the young people of Columbus City Schools.

    I am not surprised that Aurora has “true grit.” That is proof that her apple did not fall far from her mother’s tree. I have watched Katina fight through tough times in work and family and still she perseveres with a positive attitude and fortitude as her weapons of choice!

    Katina is relentless in her quest to not just make an impact, but to truly make a difference in the lives of young people who might otherwise not have access to higher education.

    I am so glad she is the leader of our organization. She is exactly what IKIC has and continues to need to be the strong community entity it has been.

    Tei Y. Street

  2. Tasha Booker says:

    I was thrilled to learn that Katina was chosen as an Executive Elements Woman of the Week. I have known Katina for only two years, but early on I was immediately drawn to Katina’s resolve to ensure that ALL CCS students have the opportunity to attend college. The woman just doesn’t stop. She is always thinking, always planning and the result is evident in the impact that she and the I Know I Can staff has on our students. Like any good mother, Katina finds it very difficult to give up on anyone. I jokingly tell her…you are loyal to a fault! Katina represents what we need in the workplace, Loyalty, perservance, friendship, hardwork, care, concern, energy, determination and compassion. Most people don’t know this about Katina because she chooses to do her work without much fanfare, never wanting or needing the credit or to add her name to the marquee. When she learned that she was chosen this week, her first words were, “I’m so embarrassed” – which made me think about the last quality I left out, Humility. Congratulations Katina.

  3. Elida Petrella says:

    Congratulations Katina, your extended Steubenville family is so very proud of all your accomplishments. Love Aunt Elida

  4. diane cellini says:

    So very proud of you….
    Diane Cellini

  5. Roberta Belli says:

    I am so proud when an old friend from childhood turns out to be such a good and positive force on the people who surround them. Congratulations Katina. May God grant you the wisdom and courage to always do what is right, and to love freely and infinitely.

  6. Katina Fullen says:

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! I appreciate your kindness and support!


  7. Tanny Crane says:

    Katina brings huge rays of sunshine wherever she goes. She absolutely radiates positive energy, passion, and a most sincere commitment to her work. No one cares for kids the way Katina does-whether they are CCS students or her own-she loves them all. I have had the pleasure of working with Katina through a number of her adventures in her career and I would follow her anywhere. I Know I Can is truly blessed to have Katina’s honest, oustanding leadership!

  8. Rich Rosen says:

    Katina is joy, courage, brilliance, passion, and hope all bundled into one amazing person. I am honored to know her.

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