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Executive Elements
We coach female executives. We believe more women need to be in executive level roles! We believe empowering women uplifts entire companies and communities. Executive Elements offers services including Women’s Executive Coaching, Speaking Engagements, and Retreats for female leaders and employees.

Executive Elements Women’s Executive Coaching, Speaking Engagements, and Retreats.


  • Executive Elements is a women’s executive coaching service that offers private and group leadership coaching as well as seminars, retreats, and conferences in Columbus, Ohio. We also develop custom programs for companies looking to give their women executives a leading edge.
  • We help businesses create the right environment to attract and retain female leaders, encouraging a more balanced, diverse, and effective leadership team.
  • Female leadership development is a critical aspect of a company’s success and should be aligned closely with a company’s business goals. Research shows that companies that foster and support their top female executives have better business results, lower turnover rates, and higher employee engagement.

Our Clients Include

Executive Coaching for these companies

“Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing lasting personal change.”
– Ivy Business Journal

What Clients and Colleagues Say:

This was different than any other leadership program I’ve been involved in. I loved that it was geared towards women, simply because we process things differently than men.

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Service Offerings

Here are some of the services that Executive Elements offers to assist with your personal development:

  • Women’s Executive Coaching
  • Custom Leadership Retreats for Women
  • Seminars for Women Executives
  • Accelerating Leaders
  • Women at the Table
  • Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

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